Meet Alexandra Lourdes, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee

Meet Alexandra Lourdes, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee

Meet Alexandra Lourdes, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee 1242 1542 The Influencer Lab

Meet Alexandra Lourdes @alexandra_lourdes

Power of Influence 2020: Small Business Awardee

Alexandra is the co-founder of a small-business turned hospitality empire with her agency, The Refined Hospitality Group, and delicious cafe and bakery concepts, Cafe Lola and Saint Honoré. With a successful Cafe Lola popup turned permanent partnership with Macy’s, we can expect more inspiration and innovation from Alexandra in the months to come!

Read on as Alexandra shares the power of her influence: 

The Influencer Lab: How do you use your Influence to empower other women?

Alexandra: I think one of the most powerful things is seeing someone similar to you fulfilling their dream. I’ve always looked up to women who share how they found success or what worked for them instead of keeping these things to themselves. To me, by just sharing my journey, my successes and failures, and any tips I have, I hope to empower other women. My partner and I also created Women Who Slay, a conference to help empower women through hearing other’s stories of how they turned their dream into a reality. We wanted to create more meaningful experiences in Las Vegas for women to connect with like-minded women and truly learn and grow closer to their own dreams.

The Influencer Lab: What is your secret to growing a highly engaged audience?

Alexandra: Connecting with your audience is so undervalued these days. Going through your DMs, responding to comments, or even just chatting with someone who you run into helps! Also, as I said above, just sharing your life with others helps and being authentic. There are days where I am so exhausted from running my businesses and trying to be a good mom, wife, and friend and just sharing that people can really resonate with.


The Influencer Lab: What three things are you focusing on to steady yourself and your business during these uncertain times of a COVID-19?


1. Creating new things! Over the past few weeks, I have created things that I always wanted to try that I couldn’t because we didn’t have the time before. For example, our DoughSaints at Saint Honoré!! These croissant doughnuts have been on my to-do list for a year, and we FINALLY perfected them! I am going into the bakery every day and trying to make our businesses better than they were before, so when we finally can open again, we will hopefully be better than ever!

2. Spending time with Family! When we were open full time, I would be at the restaurants forever! Now, we open later in the day and close earlier and I am actually loving the extra time I get to spend with my family.

3. Think Positive. Even though we are in this crazy uncertain situation, we are blessed that our restaurants are still open and people still want to order from us, so it is important to think positive! I have been focusing on upcoming holidays, foodie holidays, and thinking of all the things we can do to provide a little joy to families during this time! Seeing all the unboxing posts of our LOLAXO pink boxes, our doughnut boxes and our food/drinks from Cafe Lola truly makes me so happy and gives me a purpose as to why I go to work every day! I can’t wait to show you what we have in store for Cinco De Mayo and Mother’s Day!