Meet Amy Nassar, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee

Meet Amy Nassar, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee

Meet Amy Nassar, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee 1242 1494 The Influencer Lab

Meet Amy Nassar @styledinmotherhood

Power of Influence 2020: Motherhood Awardee

Meet Amy Nassar of @styledinmotherhood, and awardee of our Power of Influence 2020 list in the Motherhood category. We love what Amy says about the power of sharing authentic experiences with her four children and her online community of followers!

Read on to learn how Amy uses the power of her influence to uplift:

The Influencer Lab: How do you use your Influence to empower other women?

Styledinmotherhood: I feel as though some women have a negative image of motherhood or are afraid that once they become moms, their life will be over. Yes, change definitely comes with motherhood, but you can still pursue a career, have a life, socialize with friends, and have fun with your kiddos! I hope through my Instagram, I can empower women to see that motherhood is a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience and with it, you become the center of someone else’s universe, while still maintaining your existence. You can enjoy the same things in life with your children, be a role model for your kids, teach them, love them, explore the world with them, and still find time for YOU;  but the love you get in return is immeasurable and worth it all!


The Influencer Lab: What is your secret to growing a highly engaged audience?

Styledinmotherhood: I am completely honest and genuine in everything I post! I try to share my experience as a mom of four because I think that speaks out to a lot of my followers and I’ve realized that the things that interest me and my kids tend to interest others too. I’ll never tell you something is great for your kids if it’s not; I’ll never tell you to go somewhere unless it’s worth going to, and I’ll never encourage you to buy something if I don’t genuinely like it myself. So, being ME and being 100% honest I think allows others to continue to engage with me! It’s not about the number of followers or likes or comments, but rather the quality of my relationship with my Instagram family and my followers.


The Influencer Lab: What three things are you focusing on to steady yourself and your business during these uncertain times of a COVID-19?

Styledinmotherhood: During all this uncertainty and being home with my kids, I’m trying to keep my followers engaged and give them positive energy by:

  1. trying to encourage them to keep their faith and stay positive
  2. focusing a lot on my mom followers and motivating them to enjoy this time with their kids by sharing lots of family cooking, kids crafts, and other family activity ideas
  3. serving as an outlet for moms and others to come to my page for a smile, a laugh, a moment of sanity, a workout idea or anything else they need for self-care