Meet Brianne Calaway, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee

Meet Brianne Calaway, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee

Meet Brianne Calaway, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee 1242 1418 The Influencer Lab

Meet Brianne Calaway @bricalawaybeauty

Power of Influence 2020: Small Business Awardee

Brianne rules in both the small business and beauty category and just recently added new mom to her growing list of accomplishments and demands on her time! Brianne lash line, b.lashed, which she launched in mid 2018, is a game-changer in the false lashes world with 30+ uses per pair. We can’t wait to see how her business, audience, and community grows in the years ahead!

Brianne tells us more about the power of her influence below: 

The Influencer Lab: How do you use your Influence to empower other women?

Brianne: I am a new mom, new wife, and a new business owner. You could say I “juggle it all”. I don’t think there is a balance I’ll ever reach where I feel like I have everything figured out. All I know is that I am beyond passionate about b.lashed and the brand we are growing. I am a total girl’s girl and understand the needs of women. I know we are all trying our best and that is ENOUGH. I hope my story influences women to fiercely love the journey of life they are on. Embrace the bad as much as you embrace the good. I want to influence others to be the best version of themselves!

The Influencer Lab: What is your secret to growing a highly engaged audience?

Brianne: Posting, emailing, showing, and acting out what feels right. I can FEEL what people post. If I post filler content, it will not get a great response. If I pour a lot of love into a post, an email (anything marketing), I INSTANTLY see results. The interesting thing about my business is that I am a product-based business but I am also the face of my brand, which can be tricky. I really focus on the “like, know, and trust factor”. I have RAVING fans on

I mean, there are women who literally almost buy daily from us! Which is crazy. If I focus and create really strong relationships with customers, they are more likely to tell their friends about b.lashed. We really have grown from word of mouth and from building friendships. Be a good friend, that’s the secret.

The Influencer Lab: What three things are you focusing on to steady yourself and your business during these uncertain times of a COVID-19?


1. Hiring- We are looking to hire our first b.lashes employee, (have anyone in mind???).

2. Systems- Emails, inventory flow, efficient programs, all of this is important for a product-based business. We use our social media as a tool to find our brand, connect with our message, and inspire creativity and positivity. The fun thing about lashes is that they are a learning-based product. S0 we are constantly working on new videos and new systems to better educate our followers and potential customers. Our systems are all focused around one word. Service. If we constantly serve others, we will succeed.

3. Time management- Now is a great time to get organized, revamp our website, clean my office, prepare for a new hire, update systems, and prepare inventory for the rest of this year!