Meet Lindsey Gurk, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee

Meet Lindsey Gurk, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee

Meet Lindsey Gurk, Power of Influence 2020 Awardee 1330 1995 The Influencer Lab

Lindsey Gurk @lindseygurk

Power of Influence 2020: Beauty Awardee

Meet Lindsey Gurk @lindseygurk, awardee of our Power of Influence 2020 list in the Beauty category – although we could surely honor her in our Motherhood category as Lindsey will welcome her second child in late 2020! Aside from being one of our favorite influencers, Lindsey is also a TV Host and owner of The Nomis Niche Blog where she shares her beauty tips, outfit inspiration and motherhood adventures.

The Influencer Lab: How do you use your Influence to empower other women?

Lindsey: I think the way I go about empowerment is a little different than most. I definitely don’t try and put up a facade that I have everything together. Some days I feel like I can take on anything, and other days I leave my phone in the fridge. I show all these parts of my life on social media because I just want women to know that it’s OK to laugh at the chaos. I try to be a friend to these women because that’s exactly how I see them… as friends. My followers are friends and we help one another and lift each other up.

I think as women, especially mothers, we are so incredibly hard on ourselves. Sometimes we put ourselves in these little boxes and when things don’t fit into place perfectly we think something’s wrong with us. No girlfriend, it’s the box. Get out of it. If you REALLY want to feel empowered you need to be your authentic self and surround yourself with people who appreciate your worth.


The Influencer Lab: What is your secret to growing a highly engaged audience?

Lindsey: If you want your audience to engage with you, you need to engage with them. Don’t post a photo on Instagram then close the app. That’s called “post and ghost” and it’s not helpful. Engage with comments coming in, search hashtags you’ve used to find photos you can like and comment on, and always respond to your dm’s or questions you may be getting in your comment section.

Another tip: BE YOURSELF. People are smart. Even through a screen, they can tell if someone is being fake. Think about your favorite influencers. You’re probably liking and commenting on most if not all of their photos. Why? Because you feel connected to them. It’s not just about the great shoes and killer clothes. It’s about CONNECTION.


The Influencer Lab: What three things are you focusing on to steady yourself and your business during these uncertain times of a COVID-19?


  1. My pregnancy! It’s hard to keep calm in the middle of all of this while also having your hormones throw a rager in your body. But, I believe that keeping calm and staying as positive as possible is going to transfer to this growing baby. Instead of looking at the negative, try to enjoy time at home, time with family, video chats with friends, etc. When this is all over the world is going to collectively celebrate and it’s going to be absolutely beautiful!
  2. I only do what is absolutely necessary each day. I’m exhausted, my toddler is constantly trying to electrocute himself, and I can’t self-medicate with wine (help!). For me personally, this is not the time to kick-start a new vertical for my business. So, I make a list of three things that I need to get done that day and then add a few things that would be nice to complete, but aren’t necessary. I’m just doing what I can when I can.
  3. I’m fine-tuning my brand. I may not be able to start something brand new at this time, but I can definitely fine-tune what I’ve already got going on. I’ve been using this time to look at analytics and figure out what content works best. I’ve finally found an aesthetic I love and worked out a new schedule that fits with my lifestyle. I feel more confident than ever with where things are going. Let’s do this!