Meet The Women Behind The DM Show Podcast , Power of Influence 2020 Awardees

Meet The Women Behind The DM Show Podcast , Power of Influence 2020 Awardees

Meet The Women Behind The DM Show Podcast , Power of Influence 2020 Awardees 1242 1522 The Influencer Lab

Meet Diesha and Marisela @TheDM.Show

Power of Influence 2020: Small Business Awardees

Get to know Diesha and Marisela, the two best friends behind The DM Show Podcast – which is inspired by girlfriends, encouraged by conversations, and strengthened by experiences. These gals release a new show each week and have successfully expanded their small business and digital community into IRL events with hundreds of attendees. We can’t wait until we can share a glass of wine of four with these two in person, until then, we’re lucky to enjoy their dynamic relationship and timely topics each week on the podcast. 

Influencer Lab: How do you use your Influence to empower other women?

Diesha & Marisela: We offer a judgment-free zone where women can listen to real conversations about topics that matter to all of us. Each week we invite women to join us for a glass of wine and talk about things like motherhood, sex, relationships, women empowerment, and career.

We also want women to step away from their busy lives and have some fun so we gossip about pop culture, trending topics, and unique feminism articles we read in the news.

The Influencer Lab: What is your secret to growing a highly engaged audience?

Diesha & Marisela: Our podcast is focused on women supporting women. We open up ourselves through taboo conversations that all women can relate to. Those real connection type talks that give women the comfort of knowing they are not alone. Mostly we focus on finding humor in all situations because laughter is our medicine for getting through life.


The Influencer Lab: What three things are you focusing on to steady yourself and your business during these uncertain times of a COVID-19?

Diesha & Marisela:

1. We are continuing to encourage women to have authentic conversations. To focus on gratitude and finding joy in one thing every day. Reminding our friends to check in on their girlfriends often. We are all in this together.

2. Bringing new and fun ways to connect with women and women-owned businesses and brands. We held our first zoom virtual happy hour where we hosted 50 ladies with wine and cheese on a Friday night in mid-April.

3. Also, inviting new and exciting hosts on the podcast to help cover important topics to women. Our mission is to connect women through open and unapologetic conversations that women experience; motherhood, relationships, health and fitness, and some vanity topics like, skin and injectables and of course, sharing embarrassing confessions.